Embrace the Impact: Franklin Pierce Volleyball Supporting Cancer Fight for Teammate's Mother

FPU Volleyball

By Samantha Norwood, Franklin Pierce staff writer

Ravens Battle Back Against Cancer with "Lindstrom Strong" Game.

Streamers and balloons hung down from the entrance of the Fieldhouse. Posters lined the walls with quotes such as "Feel the Teal," and "Cancer you picked the wrong girl." The Franklin Pierce University volleyball team walked onto the court wearing teal and white shirts reading "Lindstrom Strong," and donning teal ribbons in their hair. All of this in honor of Dawn Lindstrom, whose daughter, freshman Ingrid Lindstrom, plays for the Ravens.

As every player was announced, Ingrid stood with her team, but as her name was called, she sprinted across the court to give her mother flowers and a warm embrace, tears falling from both their eyes. The crowd erupted in applause for the two, with many wearing teal in support of the occasion.

Just before Ingrid started her college experience, her mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The volleyball team decided to dedicate their Oct. 18 game, against the University of New Haven, to Ingrid and her mom. According to Ingrid, "It's really hard, but having my team there has meant the world to me."

Lindstrom hugs her mother

Every teammate spent time working behind a table during lunches and dinners for two weeks, telling fellow students and faculty about the struggle Ingrid and her family had and to raise awareness for ovarian cancer. Additionally, they sold baked goods to help support the Lindstrom family as they faced their fight.

One player on the team, Cierra Dolan, explains how strong Ingrid has been through the whole process. "There are days that she's a little out of it, but that just makes us want to help her more. She's the sweetest and happiest person though," Dolan explains. "I love her, she's so bubbly and I'm always here for her."

This seems to be the consensus for the team, as Ingrid started crying after the game, the whole team gave her a giant hug. Ingrid says she can feel the love. "It's incredible, from every practice, to every meal, to every game, they're always there. If I'm having a rough day, coach and the girls are there and I can't thank them enough."

It's clear that Ingrid isn't the only one who feels the support from the team. Mrs. Lindstrom said this about Ingrid's team: "Not only are they student-athletes, but they are amazing women who show other women support when they need it. The love and support they give is so amazing."

Collectively through working tables, running raffles, and other various fundraisers, the team has raised over $1,000 to support the Lindstrom family, a huge feat for these women who stood up for an important cause.

With the help of her daughter and the rest of the volleyball team, Dawn can feel the support, as she continues to fight her battle against cancer.

 VB team

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